Health Care Reform
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The U.S. Government has started a Web site
to answer questions and provide as many
answers as there are currently available.
Much of the Affordable Care Act still needs
to be defined and reviewed before it's
implemented, but this site has the current
information. can also help
Americans decide what types of coverage
are appropriate for themselves and/or their
families. The site has info about what kind
of coverage will be available and appropriate
once more of the major Health Care Reform
changes are in place. When visiting the site
there is an opportunity for Americans to
provide feedback.
Look for the "Was this helpful?" icon.
Health Care Reform was written as a
broad guide, with the intent to continually
define the specifics as it becomes time
to implement each part of the law. The
U.S. Department of Health and Human
Services is constantly working towards
defining each portion of the Affordable
Care Act and updates its Web site
regularly. Secretary Kathleen Sebelius
posts video logs about the direction of
Reform and what is going on within the
department. The HHS site also has
links for social media and other ways
to stay informed.
The Department of Regulatory Agencies
(DORA) is the home of the Colorado
Division of Insurance (DOI). According to
the DORA Web site the DOI:
"regulates the insurance industry and
assists consumers and other stakeholders
with insurance issues. Consumer protection
is our mission."
This site includes information for Coloradans
that pertains to the insurance market in
general, but also has several links related
to Reform and Exchanges.

Colorado has its own state marketplace,
Connect for Health Colorado,
that was developed due to Health Care
Reform, with the signing of SB11-200 into
law in June 2011. There is information about
how the marketplace operates, open
enrollment dates, special enrollment
opportunities, etc.
You can also sign up to receive
a newsletter from the site to stay on top of
current news and issues relating
to Colorado's Health Care Reform.
This Web site covers info, FAQs, enrollment
and various details about "Exchanges"
and what it means for Coloradans.



The Kaiser Family Foundation - Health Care Reform
Different pages of this site cover topics like research and analysis; public opinion polls and survey statistics; what's going on in each state regarding implementation of Reform; and current news. There is a page called "The Basics" which describes Reform, has a glossary of key terms and provides links for finding additional information. Also available are links to official government documents and links to Web sites for more in-depth research and materials about Reform. Check out updates and information about Reform from The Kaiser Family Foundation on Twitter and Facebook. Links to their social media pages can be found on their Web site.

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Since there are so many different parts to the
Affordable Care Act, this timeline highlights
the basic elements of each year's
implementation schedule. The elements listed
in this timeline are thought to be the most
impactful components of the Reform. Keep in
mind this is not a complete list. There are
several more aspects to the Affordable
Care Act, this simply hits the high points.
These are also ever-changing, so this
is a "rough draft" outline.

Several health insurance carriers have
developed special sections on their
Web site devoted to Health Care Reform.
Cigna's Informed on Reform
is a
great resource for research, updates
and basic information about PPACA.
The site has different sections for
consumers, providers, agents/brokers,
a general overview for everyone and
a News & Information section which
covers the most current and on-going
Should you be a glutton for punishment,
here it is in its full format ...
The Patient Protection and Affordable
Care Act as published online by the
Government Printing Office. When you
get to the GPO Web site, there is a link
to view the document as either text or
in PDF format. The site also allows
viewers to see what other Statute
citations, Code citations and Legislative
history went into the making of PPACA.

Anthem/BCBS has developed a few tools
to help navigate Health Care Reform. One
of the tools from Anthem/BCBS
is a calculator developed
with the help of H&R Block®. This will
assist employers in determining if the
Small Business Tax Credit applies to
their company.








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